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Android app Development Company in Bangalore

I world is the best android app development company In Bangalore. Versatile App or Application is a product program made to keep running on a convenient electronic gadget like a Smart Phone, Tablet Computer or a SmartWatch. A Mobile App is a standout amongst the most valuable highlights of any cell phone and its massive fame focuses towards the way that it has unlimited uses and is effortlessly adaptable dependent on a client’s necessity. Portable Applications are intended for a wide assortment of employment like giving nearby climate conditions, ongoing land areas, spilling of recordings, playing of recreations, booking of lodgings, Ordering of Food, Storing and Viewing of Photos at irregular, Playing Music, etc.


Android is a Mobile operating system developed initially by Google in 2008 for Smartphones and Tablets. Later on it was modified to suit various other products like Televisions, Cars, Gaming consoles, Wrist Watches, Digital Cameras and so on. Google is adding more devices to the repertoire as it keeps upgrading its profile. It was initially developed by a company called Android Inc, later bought by Google in 2005. Since its commercial release in the last quarter of 2008, it has become the most successful Mobile operating system in the world, with more than 2 Billion users as on date and more than 3 Million Apps on the Google Play store.

It has been deployed in 9 versions since 2011, with each new variant being an upgrade over the previous one, with Android Pie (or Android P) being recent.

The process of android app development?

At iworld, we have a team of expert Android App developers, who will follow the below process in developing your Apps:

  • Brainstorm with you for understanding your requirements
  • Research on the type of App you have in mind and provide you with a mental prototype of the App
  • Provide you with a detailed analysis of the technical feasibility for the App and after receiving your inputs, they will then design and develop the App using the best Developer tools available with us
  • Test the App and finally launch the same after it conforms to the User Acceptance Tests